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     Strawberries  are the most consumed berry in the world, with commercial harvest around double that of all other berries combined. Modern garden strawberries are hybrids between the Eastern US-native Wild Strawberry, and the larger-fruited Chilean Strawberry. This hybrid can naturally occur in the Northwestern US.


     Strawberries are an easy-to-grow perennial fruit plant, which can provide delicious, homegrown berries for years. Growing considerations include a good mulch (historically straw), in order to control weeds and retain moisture, and protecting the crop from animal predation (netting or row cover).


Strawberries are categorized by the manner in which they set fruit. The three types are:


Junebearing - The most common type of strawberry, the plants produce a burst of fruit for about 2 weeks in late spring/early summer, starting the year after planting.


Everbearing - Similarly to their wild ancestors, these plants produce a spring crop, as well as at least one more berry crop in late summer/fall.


Day-neutral - These are more modern introductions, which will flower and fruit any time temperatures are between 40 and 85 degrees F. 


Choose from our selections of cold-hardy strawberry plants:


Honeoye (Junebearing) - Very winter-hardy variety (to Zone 3), developed at the Cornell Research Station, Geneva, NY over 30 years ago.  Produces large, attractive berries over a long fruiting season. Early-midseason.


Earliglow (Junebearing) - Very early fruit, with excellent flavor. Plants are disease-resistant and  vigorous, cold-hardy to Zone 4. Early season.


Albion (Day-neutral) - Vigorous plants produce very large, firm berries from late spring until fall. Good disease resistance and cold-hardiness, to Zone 4. Self-pollinating.


White Carolina Pineberry (Everbearing) - Named for it's unique fruit - berries are white and taste of pineapple. Pollination is improved with another everbearing or day-neutral cultivar nearby.