Choose from our available cultivars in a 1 gallon pot size:

Bluecrop - (Highbush) Midseason, large berries, vigorous grower

Toro - (Highbush) Midseason, very large berries in large clusters

Duke - (Highbush) Very early, large berries that store well

Patriot - (Highbush) Early, very large berries, compact bush (<4'HxW)

Northblue - (Half-high) Midseason, large berries, grows to ~3' HxW

Lowbush - (Vacc. Angustifolium) Native, sweet berries, grows <2', spreads via root stolons

Northern Lowbush - (Vacc. Pennsyvanicum) Native, spreading  habit, grows to about 18" tall; abundant fruits

Blueberry, 1 Gallon Pot