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      Grapes are one of the fruits humans have cultivated for the longest time, with archaeological evidence of grape growing and wine-making going back over 8,000 years.

The Finger Lakes region is an excellent place to grow grapes, and we offer several leading varieties that have been selected by the Cornell Research Station, or in other parts of New York State. Most grapes we are growing are disease resistant hybrids between North American grapes and European grapes.

Grapes are vigorous vines requiring support, which could be a trellis, arbor, fence, or even a tree. Simple pruning is recommended once a year in spring to remove excessive old growth. Grape cultivars we are growing include:

'Cayuga' - Sweet white fruit for fresh eating, juice or wine. Hardy to zone 4, disease-resistant and easy to grow.

'Concord' - Selected from the native fox grape, this is the classic dark purple grape for fresh eating, jelly, or juicing. Hardy to zone 4, ripens in September.

'Niagra' - This is the leading green grape grown in the US, especially for juice. Hardy to zone 5 (often grown near lakes).

'Traminette' - Developed at Cornell, this is a cold hardy grape for white wine-making, Ripens October, hardy to zone 5.

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