Gooseberries are an extremely popular shrub throughout the northern hemisphere, cultivated commercially and in home gardens for their delicious fruit. The plants are self-pollinating, and are relatively easy to grow. Gooseberries can produce berries in partial shade, although they fruit more heavily in full sun.


Gooseberries that we offer are mostly hybrids between European and North America parents, bred for disease resistance and excellent fruit quality. The plants grow to about 3-5 feet tall and wide, and reach bearing maturity after 2-3 years. Fruit ripens in July and can be either green or red.


Cultivars we are growing include:

'Captivator' - Developed in 1949 at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa, Canada. Good disease resistance, large red berries with good flavor.

'Jahn's Prairie' - Selected from plants native to Alberta, Canada. Large pinkish-red berries, upright growth habit, good disease and pest resistance.

'Jeanne' - Medium-size dark red fruits ripen slightly later than other cultivars. High yields, good disease resistance